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Get to know the fantastic coaches behind Athletic Club Jules Verne. They are dedicated professionals, who bring to ACJV their skills and values. They make sure to foster great team spirit and an environment conducive to providing each of their players the skills they need to progress. Read more about our individual professional coaches below.

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Head Coach & Cofounder

Coach Daniel is truly passionate about his craft, and has worked throughout his life to bring his best to ACJV. He graduated in Sports science, and post graduated in Technical Coordination in football, and has put his knowledge to work as a PE teacher in Jules Verne Riga French school since 2014, as well as coaching football in China, Nigeria and Latvia. Coach Daniel also holds certification in many other sports, but would like to highlight his Excel certificate and his A1 level in Bulgarian.

 Coach Daniel loves to run and swim, and he has travelled around the world. His greatest joy is working with children, which works even when coaching adults, as childhood is where we all fall back whenever a ball is involved. Generous and very active by nature, Coach Daniel doesn't know how to give less than his very best at all times, and will work around the clock to make sure his players and students have what they need.

 Coach Daniel is also a gourmet, and will follow you anywhere if you offer him a codfish.

Coach Daniel speaks Portuguese, French, English, and Bulgarian as needed.



Head Coach & Cofounder

Coach Dāvids graduated from the Latvian Academy of Sport Education in sports management, and has shared his talents with Jules Verne Riga French School as a PE teacher since 2020.  In his own words, his players are his pride and joy, and the feeling is more than mutual. He is one beloved coach and can lead a group of children of any age with the greatest calm.

On top of football, Coach Dāvids has more than dabbled in dribbling a basketball.  But the place where he shines the brightest is on a volleyball court, sport that he plays and coaches at a high level.  Coach Dāvids is also an accomplished French horn player, and uses music to great results in his trainings. His musical training also allows him to foster his creativity, as he is known for creating great games allowing his players to develop their skills while having fun. 

Coach Dāvids would like to add that his jokes are all very funny, although that will be left to personal appreciation. DO NOT come to him with a codfish, or any other kind of fish, as he will run in the other direction.

Coach Dāvids speaks Latvian, English, Russian, and will ask you how you're doing in French.


Get to know the heart and soul of ACJV: our coaches!


Coach Pauls has taken part in competitive team sports since he could run, mostly playing floorball and football. This makes him a great addition to the team, as he joined ACJV’s coaching staff in early 2023 to bring out the footballistic talents of our U5 and U9 teams, and help out with our U7. Coach Pauls has been working with children since 2021, and is an old friend of our club, as he has worked with our youngest players before, which has earned him Coach Dāvids valued seal of approval. A man of more than one talent, Coach Pauls is also a musician, and has selected the best playlist to play football to.

Coach Pauls speaks Latvian, English and French.


Coach Steven is a true football aficionado. He has been playing the game since he was 5, and hasn’t stopped since, now playing for ACJV’s adult team. He coached a U12 team in Paris, and has now joined ACJV’s coaching team to help our youngest players on their way to greatness. A teacher at Jules Verne French school since 2019, he spent three of those past years working with three-year olds, making him a fantastic fit for our U5. He’s also gifted with infinite patience with children, which is a quality of the utmost importance, but unfortunately means he has none left for the copy machine. We forgive him for this, and count ourselves lucky to have him among our midst, if only because of his very cute dog - he’s likely to show you a picture if you ask nicely.

Coach Steven speaks French, Italian and English.


Coach Florian has played basketball for a very long time, learning the game in small clubs around the West of France. Rubbing elbows with fantastic coaches made him want to become one when he grew up, and here we are! On top of playing, Coach Florian has been involved in all aspects of the game since middle school, when he also became a referee, using his talents up to the regional level. As an adult, he kept on doing everything volunteering in a small club requires: coaching, refereeing and organising oh so many tournaments. Coach Florian has tremendously enjoyed joining ACJV’s coaching team, finding there the spirit he loved in his former clubs. Coaching kids brings him great joy, as they bring everything they have to each game they play, no matter how important they are. Of course, Coach Florian still plays whenever he can, especially enjoying playing defence, catching a rebound or making the pass that will make his teammate shine. We are thankful to him for bringing the orange ball back to ACJV!

Coach Florian speaks French, English, and enough Latvian to carry him through.


Coach Théo has been a sports enthusiast since childhood. Sports in the plural, as he's tried his hand at everything from soccer and handball to rugby, archery and athletics. He's made the adage "a healthy body, a healthy mind" his own, and maintains his physical fitness at the gym with the utmost regularity. When asked if Coach Théo can lift heavier than you, the answer is yes, most probably..

We don't yet know whether Coach Théo is team fish or not, but we do know that he has a keen interest in food in general, and is eager to discover what Latvia has to offer on a culinary level. No doubt a "Biezpiens is life" T-shirt is on the horizon.

Coach Théo has that great quality of always being in a good mood which, coupled with his commitment to passing on his passion for sport to children and adults alike, makes him a perfect addition to our coaching team. 

Coach Théo speaks French and English, and is about to discover what bumba means.

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